Oh, the wind and rain!

Written by Tina

I’m one of the hardworking advocates hitting the phones and the streets every week trying to ensure Andrew’s success. I’m not going to lie, canvassing door to door can be a tough job. You’ve either got the sun burning an ugly t-shirt tan line onto your neck and arms, or you’ve the rain smudging up your map, making it darn-near unreadable. And the walking! Oh, how the walking hurts my old lady feet!

Most of the time, people aren’t home and occasionally they reeaallllyy don’t want to talk politics on a sunny Sunday afternoon. However, knowing that I’m working for a candidate who truly deserves this win makes it all OK. 

Andrew Hughes (D)

 Coming across houses inhabited by people who are really excited about hearing what the future of the new 7th CD can look like is always worth the walk. That motivation helps me forget the weather and the body aches and keeps driving me to reach every door.

Everyday we are closer to victory!!


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