How far I’ve come since day one

Written by Robbie

View from our downtown office

It’s been quite the journey for me through the first three months of this campaign. Coming from a science background, I was eager to expand my knowledge of a field I knew very little about. Although most of the political talk is still over my head, I can confidently say that I can now hold my own in a political conversation.

For one, I knew that tuition has increased dramatically over my tenure at the University of Washington, but after working alongside Andrew I started to understand why. He explained to me how the lack of state funding for education combined with the state debt has increased not only tuition, but also the number of out-of-state and international students accepted into the UW (largely due to the fact that international and out-of-state students pay a substantial amount more to attend the UW than Washingtonian students do). This means that more students are being brought in and shipped out, which hinders local business.

While phone banking can become a little monotonous at times, door-belling has been an absolute joy. The people I meet while out canvassing are (most of the time) genuinely nice and care about the information I give them.

The favorite encounter with a voter occurred this past weekend while out in Ballard. An elderly woman and I engaged in a conversation about how the younger generations must take more responsibility in political issues by doing the necessary research in order to elect the right individual. She then invited me into her home where I had a much-needed glass of lemonade, showing me that not all people will slam the door in your face.

All in all, it has been a wonderful experience working for Andrew’s campaign. The next few weeks will be critical leading up to the primary, which means I need to further my own political research!!


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