A lot to experience

Written by Daniel

Throughout my time with the campaign, I have experienced a great deal. I had never been a part of a political campaign and before beginning the job, I was excited to see what it would be like. After reading about Andrew on his campaign website, I was intrigued, as I found that my political views and opinions were very similar to Andrew’s. I was further intrigued and excited after meeting Andrew in person and getting to know him.  I could tell he not only shared my political views and opinions, but was also a very optimistic and dedicated individual, just the type of candidate I wanted to support and help win. Since meeting Andrew, I have seen him work hard every day to make sure he has the best chance possible at being elected to Congress.

Phone banking is a big part of our job as campaign advocates. This can be very repetitive as we are relaying a very similar message to many different people. It can also be discouraging at times as a number of people are not interested in listening to us. However, a number of people are very interested in what we have to say and are supportive of the campaign. Others may not be supportive, but are still appreciative of the call and the information. The satisfaction provided by the appreciation of these people makes phone banking worthwhile.

Door-belling is another big part of our jobs. Door-belling can be hard work as it involves walking in the hot sun or pouring rain for several hours. However, people seem to be much more friendly in comparison to phone banking.  For instance, many people are appreciative of the fact that young people like us are out advocating and becoming involved in politics. I have been thanked many times by people for coming by and informing them about Andrew and the election.

I have very much enjoyed working with the other advocates, other campaign staff, and Andrew himself over the past few months.  At times, the job can be hard and discouraging work, but the appreciation and sense of accomplishment that comes with the job as well ultimately makes advocating for Andrew an enjoyable experience. We are now coming to an interesting point in the campaign as the primary is just a few weeks away, meaning our work and dedication is more important than ever.


Walking the campiagn trail


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