Andrew deserves your vote

Written by Robbie

Andrew Hughes deserves your vote for a multitude of reasons; however, I believe what sticks out above all is how much he cares.

Sunny day canvassing

This may seem cheesy and a little cliché to voters, but I really do believe that
Andrew cares and really wants this election more than Jim McDermott. Voters can read about how Andrew cares about the issues, such as creating a more balanced tax code, stopping cuts to social security and Medicare benefits for seniors, and making college more affordable for the younger generation. What voters can’t read about is how he cares about every individual in this district, and I say that with the upmost confidence. I have seen his dedication week in and week out.

In this job Andrew
goes out of his way to make every member of our team feel important, whether it be driving someone home who doesn’t have a ride, or bringing in food for the whole team. It is his caring charisma that will make him a great leader of the seventh district, and voters should consider that when voting in the primary.


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