Andrew Hughes for Congress…or else.

Written by Will

The title says it all. Not to twist the words of the great comedian Katt Williams, but “Our country is in turmoil, you have real leaders and career politicians, and real leaders need to take over this country.”  That opening line may be corny, but Andrew does not only possess all the characteristics of a great leader, he also is a genuine person who sincerely wants to help the people in his district. As an advocate, I have traveled throughout the Puget Sound and met countless people who are more than eager and excited to elect a new representative that can provide the change we need now and in the future. One voter even allowed me to pet her precious feline friend, Mr. Whiskers.

You don’t have to take my word for it,  just take a look at where Andrew stands on his issues and how he clearly and precisely explains each topic with equal importance. I mean, who else knows how to fix our broken tax code better than  a tax attorney? Andrew Hughes has not only proved that he has the ability to become the 7th District’s new congressman, but also an incredibly helpful guide my transitional move to the Seattle area. Thanks to Andrew, I have traveled to neighborhoods and engaged with more people on a personal level than most, I’ve learned what issues really matter to the residents that live here.

As I have mentioned earlier, our country is in turmoil, now is the time to elect a candidate that can not only provide a better future for Seattle and the surrounding area, but somebody that can actually relate to people.

Gas Works Park on 7/4/2012


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