Congress needs a house cleaning

Written by Tina

You know what would be great?

If for the next couple years, Congress would stay exactly the same, keeping the
same politically entrenched representatives continuing to contribute this
country’s downhill spiral. OH WAIT. I must be getting “great” and “nightmare”

Obviously. Congress needs a house cleaning, to trade in those dusty old
curtains which are
so 24 years ago, for something more fresh and vibrant. That is where Andrew comes in.

Andrew Hughes deserves my vote because unlike the 7th’s incumbent Jim McDermott, Hughes wants to focus on new issues and solutions instead of wasting time rehashing the same arguments without hope of compromise or progress. Our tax code is a mess, people. Let’s get someone in there who has the know-how to fix it! Help Washington set an example for bringing change to D.C. and stand with me in my support of Andrew Hughes.


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