New voices are needed

Written by Philip

Out canvassing or phone banking there are always a few people who ask “don’t
we want McDermott’s seniority?” Ordinarily this is a powerful reason for keeping
an incumbent, so I wanted to write a detailed response.

Seniority matters. It matters when you have leadership on committees and can get others to follow you when it really matters. That’s why, when I think of reasons to elect Andrew to Congress, I can’t help but see that McDermott for all his seniority lacks the leadership qualities (either formal or informal) required to gain support for progressive policies. Andrew won’t  have seniority right away, but he desires to become a leader and that will translate into a more effective representative for the 7th district. THAT is a political strategy.

There is another reason to elect Andrew. Another political strategy. If we want Washington State (and Seattle) to have a larger voice we need to send people to Congress who can move on to important positions in government. We need to elect future ambassadors, heads of the EPA, FDA, CDC. We need turnover more than once every 24 years. We need to send talented people to Congress more often so we can have a larger progressive voice.


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