Vote for Andrew

Written by Daniel

When I first met Andrew Hughes, I could tell he was very personable and someone who was very easy to talk to. I hadn’t necessarily been expecting an arrogant man, but I was still caught slightly off guard with how friendly Andrew was, and how interested he was in getting to know me on a personal level.

I soon found out that Andrew is with friendly and genuine to everyone he meets and talks to; he engages them in conversation, listens to them, and genuinely seems interested in what they have to say. This part of Andrew’s personality is very important for a member of US Congress to have because it allows him to truly understand his constituents and how they want to be represented. A candidate who doesn’t know how to really listen and engage people in conversation would really struggle to understand what was expected of them in terms of representing the district.

Another reason that Andrew Hughes should be elected to represent the 7th district is his involvement in the community. I think many people have been surprised to see Andrew come to their door. I think most people would expect political candidates such as Andrew to simply have others do work for them, but he has taken it upon himself to join his advocates and talk to people door to door.

In addition, Andrew has become very involved in the community, joining a community rally to bring the Seattle Supersonics back and spending a night with the homeless to raise awareness.  He has also trekked across the entire district, biking, swimming, kayaking and walking his way from one end of the district to the other. This level of involvement by Andrew Hughes should show his dedication to becoming involved in community events with his constituents. In order to strongly represent one’s constituents, U.S. congressman must be able to become involved with their constituents and know what is going on in their district.

Theses attributes coupled with Andrew Hughes’ political savvy and tax expertise show why Andrew is an ideal candidate to represent the 7th district. Andrew’s strengths are also his opponent, Jim McDermott’s greatest weaknesses. It is time for a change in representation of Washington’s 7th district, and it should be Andrew Hughes who brings this change.


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