About the Advocates

Robbie and Morgan phone banking

We are the team responsible for contacting thousands of voters in Washington’s 7th Congressional District daily. So, if you’ve received any phone calls or lit – it’s from us! Our experiences working with Andrew Hughes have prompted the creation of this blog; we hope you enjoy our stories as much as we’ve enjoyed our time with Andrew.

Daniel: I joined the team because of a strong interest in politics and a desire to be a part a campaign for someone with the same views that I have. I’m not sure what exactly my future career goals are, but I hope to continue to work campaigns for individuals I support and agree with.

Gabe: I wanted to be a part of the Andrew Hughes Campaign because it was a great opportunity. I have been involved with politics since I was 17 and hope to continue my education by earning my Master’s in Urban Planning. I want to change lives and break political barriers.

Philip: I joined the team because I’ve always loved politics. Those who show up get to decide, and I’ve always wanted to be a part of that process. In the future I would like to get involved in public policy making to create a better and more responsive government.

Tina: I joined up with Andrew’s team of young advocates because I wanted to put the skills I gained working at the Washington Bus to good use. I love the excitement and unpredictability of this type of work, and I love going home at the end of the day feeling like I made an impact.

Robbie: I joined the team because it gives me an opportunity to enhance my political knowledge, especially since I have an engineering background. The people I’ve interacted with have taught me something new every day. In the future, I would like to work for an engineering firm doing something in the field of nanotechnology.

Morgan: I joined the team because I’ve always been interested in the behind the scenes aspect of politics. This seemed like a great opportunity to learn the ropes and really make a difference. I am always learning something new and truly enjoy the people I work with and all the members of the community that I’ve met. My aspiration is to attend law school after I graduate from UW next year and practice International and Human Rights Law.

Holly: I was incredibly excited to join the Andrew Hughes team; I have always enjoyed politics, and the opportunity to engage and empower voters is one I couldn’t resist.  After interning with Secretary of State Sam Reed, I knew that blending my passions of journalism and politics was something I had to pursue. I very much enjoy everyone I work with, and couldn’t have asked for a better candidate to advocate for.

Will: Coming from the swampy lands of Florida, working for Andrew Hughes has been a great experience and has helped me to discover the beauty of Seattle. In addition to getting involved with politics and meeting awesome people, the ability to make a difference in a new city is what makes this job so worthwhile – especially when it’s for a great guy like Andrew.


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