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The “upstart challenger”

Written by Morgan.

The Seattle Times published an article in this morning’s paper about the challenge McDermott faces this year; Andrew is the first viable candidate the long-term congressman has ever faced. While the article itself had no clear bias for or against Andrew, the article quoted a UW Political Science professor who said that Andrew has “no chance” at all at defeating McDermott, and all of this is just a stunt and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Well, I beg to differ.

The article went on in detail to explain how this is the first election in which McDermott has released TV ads since first running for his seat 24 years ago. If there isn’t a real threat, why waste the money?

The fact is, whether you want to believe it or not, McDermott is scared. He now realizes that voters in the 7th are tired of him, and since they are being given a second, realistic Democrat to vote for, his seat is in jeopardy for the first time in his career.

If we at the Andrew Hughes campaign have anything to say about it, this will be the last time he even has a seat to defend. McDermott is outdated and out of touch, and the voters of the 7th are expressing their relief at having another option (since it is near impossible for a Republican to ever win in this 75% + democratic district). If you don’t believe me, check out the article and read the comments.  You will see that people all over the district, coming from liberal to conservative backgrounds agree that we need a change in this district.

The change is now.


Hughes is the change we need

Written by Morgan

After having spent three months working with Andrew Hughes on his campaign, I feel confident in saying that I know him as a person and what he will be like as our congressman.

The first surprise came during the first week of the campaign when Andrew was in the office phone banking with us then went door-belling that weekend. I knew this was part of campaigning, but had never heard of a candidate who was so involved in the day-to-day goings-on of the campaign.

Andrew showed us from day one that he knows what he is talking about when it comes to politics and most importantly he is passionate about it.

What makes Andrew different is that he wants to instill hope in the people of this district and actually make progress, as opposed to the “autopilot” this district has seen over the last 24 years.

You could go with the “safe” choice when voting, or you can go with the smart choice and vote in a new representative who will bring a fresh outlook to the position and really get to work on the things that are important to us, things that have been problems over the last few years but have been neglected to be addressed.

Vote for Andrew

Written by Daniel

When I first met Andrew Hughes, I could tell he was very personable and someone who was very easy to talk to. I hadn’t necessarily been expecting an arrogant man, but I was still caught slightly off guard with how friendly Andrew was, and how interested he was in getting to know me on a personal level.

I soon found out that Andrew is with friendly and genuine to everyone he meets and talks to; he engages them in conversation, listens to them, and genuinely seems interested in what they have to say. This part of Andrew’s personality is very important for a member of US Congress to have because it allows him to truly understand his constituents and how they want to be represented. A candidate who doesn’t know how to really listen and engage people in conversation would really struggle to understand what was expected of them in terms of representing the district.

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Outside the Seattle Art Museum

Outside the Seattle Art Museum


Andrew on the Gum Wall

Andrew on the Gum Wall


Written by Philip 

Canvassing has given me a chance to talk to voters, but it has also given me a chance to talk to Andrew as we head off to our canvassing location for the day. With the way our new 7th district is set up, we usually have a long drive where we can chat with him.
We’ve discussed the student debt crisis, the Supreme Court rulings on healthcare, and corporate person-hood. Each time I have been impressed with his depth of knowledge and insight. I honestly believe that beyond his desire to reform the tax code he will be an active, engaged representative for the district.

We have talked about the need for leaders within Congress to take an active role, rather than being led around by special interests, and I think he will do an excellent job both for our district and for our country in the years ahead.


While out canvassing, you never know who you will meet…

Oh, the wind and rain!

Written by Tina

I’m one of the hardworking advocates hitting the phones and the streets every week trying to ensure Andrew’s success. I’m not going to lie, canvassing door to door can be a tough job. You’ve either got the sun burning an ugly t-shirt tan line onto your neck and arms, or you’ve the rain smudging up your map, making it darn-near unreadable. And the walking! Oh, how the walking hurts my old lady feet!

Most of the time, people aren’t home and occasionally they reeaallllyy don’t want to talk politics on a sunny Sunday afternoon. However, knowing that I’m working for a candidate who truly deserves this win makes it all OK. 

Andrew Hughes (D)

 Coming across houses inhabited by people who are really excited about hearing what the future of the new 7th CD can look like is always worth the walk. That motivation helps me forget the weather and the body aches and keeps driving me to reach every door.

Everyday we are closer to victory!!