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New voices are needed

Written by Philip

Out canvassing or phone banking there are always a few people who ask “don’t
we want McDermott’s seniority?” Ordinarily this is a powerful reason for keeping
an incumbent, so I wanted to write a detailed response.

Seniority matters. It matters when you have leadership on committees and can get others to follow you when it really matters. That’s why, when I think of reasons to elect Andrew to Congress, I can’t help but see that McDermott for all his seniority lacks the leadership qualities (either formal or informal) required to gain support for progressive policies. Andrew won’t  have seniority right away, but he desires to become a leader and that will translate into a more effective representative for the 7th district. THAT is a political strategy.

There is another reason to elect Andrew. Another political strategy. If we want Washington State (and Seattle) to have a larger voice we need to send people to Congress who can move on to important positions in government. We need to elect future ambassadors, heads of the EPA, FDA, CDC. We need turnover more than once every 24 years. We need to send talented people to Congress more often so we can have a larger progressive voice.


Congress needs a house cleaning

Written by Tina

You know what would be great?

If for the next couple years, Congress would stay exactly the same, keeping the
same politically entrenched representatives continuing to contribute this
country’s downhill spiral. OH WAIT. I must be getting “great” and “nightmare”

Obviously. Congress needs a house cleaning, to trade in those dusty old
curtains which are
so 24 years ago, for something more fresh and vibrant. That is where Andrew comes in.

Andrew Hughes deserves my vote because unlike the 7th’s incumbent Jim McDermott, Hughes wants to focus on new issues and solutions instead of wasting time rehashing the same arguments without hope of compromise or progress. Our tax code is a mess, people. Let’s get someone in there who has the know-how to fix it! Help Washington set an example for bringing change to D.C. and stand with me in my support of Andrew Hughes.

Andrew deserves your vote

Written by Robbie

Andrew Hughes deserves your vote for a multitude of reasons; however, I believe what sticks out above all is how much he cares.

Sunny day canvassing

This may seem cheesy and a little cliché to voters, but I really do believe that
Andrew cares and really wants this election more than Jim McDermott. Voters can read about how Andrew cares about the issues, such as creating a more balanced tax code, stopping cuts to social security and Medicare benefits for seniors, and making college more affordable for the younger generation. What voters can’t read about is how he cares about every individual in this district, and I say that with the upmost confidence. I have seen his dedication week in and week out.

In this job Andrew
goes out of his way to make every member of our team feel important, whether it be driving someone home who doesn’t have a ride, or bringing in food for the whole team. It is his caring charisma that will make him a great leader of the seventh district, and voters should consider that when voting in the primary.

A New Face to Represent a New District

Since May 1, 2012, we have been calling and door-belling voters in the 7th Congressional District, the former territory of Jim McDermott. Since then, we have reached over 40,000 registered voters.

Due to redistricting, the new 7th CD reaches from Edmonds down through Normandy Park and Burien.

Andrew Hughes is a local tax attorney, originally from Pulsbo. He has a Law Degree from Seattle University, as well as, a Master’s in Taxation from the UW’s School of Law. His main focus is the economy and redirecting revenue to the middle class and small business owners.

Though economic recovery is Andrew’s main focus, he is also socially progressive and has been active within Seattle’s LGBT community. As a team, we had such a great time canvassing the Seattle Pride parade, and talking to some incredibly interesting, supportive, and excited individuals about the campaign.

Pride Parade Chat

Regardless of the weather, as a team we are out in different communities every weekend reaching voters. In order to meet face to face with thousands of residents within the 7th CD, each of us walk an average of 20 miles a weekend.

Andrew and our managers are always out facing the elements with us, we all want to reach as many people as possible and finally be able to offer voters a viable alternative to incumbent Jim McDermott. Thus far, we have been largely successful and in addition to gaining future votes, we have been fundraising among individual supporters in order to be able to continue without corporate support.

Thank you for your interest in our campaign and feel free to contact us with questions or concerns at any time! Enjoy your read, and happy voting.